About Ultroid

Piles are common

An estimated 8 million people in the UK are affected by piles (haemorrhoids) - are you one of them? People with piles can suffer from many symptoms from itchiness or mucus discharge to finding a lump sticking out from the bottom or even blood on toilet paper. If you are suffering from piles, you don’t need to anymore - Ultroid can help!

Ultroid 2.0 works

Ultroid is a fast, highly effective and safe treatment for piles recently introduced in the UK. More than 120,000 treatments have already been carried out safely worldwide.

The procedure is simple and causes minimal or no discomfort. A gentle current is applied to the base of the haemorrhoid for up to ten minutes. During treatment the piles shrink, and if not completely removed they continue to shrink for 7 days following treatment.

There is no need for sedation or anaesthetic and no recovery time. Patients can walk straight out of the clinic and get on with their lives.


Safety record

Ultroid has an unparalleled safety record. The FDA has cleared it for all grades of piles – the only procedure for which this is true. It has also now been approved for treating piles in the UK by the MHRA and CQC and carries a European CE Mark. Ultroid is covered by Bupa, Aviva andWPA private medical insurance policies.

Compare piles treatments

Find out how Ultroid compares to other treatments for piles in our comprehensive comparison chart. Ultroid is in fact the gentlest curative treatment available worldwide for piles - it causes less pain, has a better safety record but is just as effective as any other procedure or operation. The majority of patients are cured by one treatment, and 80% by two.

Ultroid clinics

Ultroid 2.0 treatment is already offered at clinics in Harley Street (London), Somerset and Canterbury, with new clinics opening all the time. Contact us to find out how Ultroid can change your life.